Meet Circle – Family Device Management Made Easy


I am SO excited to introduce you to this new device that has brought significant peace and order to an issue in our home that had been creating exceedingly more and more stress for me – devices. Our problem is that we have a million kids with a million devices which have a million apps with a million settings. Do […]

Resource Junkie


I’m a researcher by nature. And I am a control freak I struggle with control issues. I’ve learned that whenever I’m faced with a decision or problem, my primary coping mechanism is to research. I reach out for advice from people I respect. I scour the Internet. And I read. I suppose somewhere in my subconscious I believe that if I gather […]

Child Safe Settings for Windows 10 Computers


Microsoft did quite the makeover on Windows in its latest version, Windows 10. As a mom, my favorite feature enrichment is the improved Family Settings. The newest version provides greater control over children’s technology usage, allowing content filters and screen time limits. Now, before you can set up Windows Family Settings, you will need two primary accounts. First, […]

Why You Need to Set Up Email Accounts for Your Kids


In today’s world, everyone needs their own email addresses – even kids.  And they need them much earlier than you might expect. Why so early?  Initially, your child won’t need an email account as much for reading and sending emails, as she will need it to use for website registrations and logins.  Most websites that require an account, […]

Child Safe Settings For The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


We’re a pretty geeky family.  Well, the husband and I are, at least.  Our kids are tech-savvy, but that’s just a product of growing up in America today.  I don’t think it necessarily earns you the ‘Geek’ title.  Come to think of it, I’m not exactly sure what the requirement is these days. At any rate, technology is […]

A Crash Course on Bipolar Disorder

Because I’m vocal about my diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, I am often contacted for information by people who are affected by the condition, either personally or through a family member or friend.  To quickly bring someone up to speed, I wrote a short reference guide on the illness, so I thought I would share it […]

How To Childproof Your Television


As parents, we know we need to monitor the media our children consume, but with constantly emerging devices, it’s easy to forget about the good old fashioned delivery system.  The television.  Thankfully, we have some easy to implement tools at our disposal.  Read further to learn how to utilize them most efficiently for your family. […]